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* Member Organisations forming together the Pax Christi Global Peace Network

Each national Pax Christi Section is autonomous in adopting specific priorities according to its own situation. It can also put its own emphasis in its programmes of action, staying within the spirit of the movement. The national sections together form the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which deals with statutory and juridical matters, elections, and finances. In countries where there is no national section, local Pax Christi groups can become a member of the international movement. Together, the national sections and local groups form the global movement.

Also c ivil society groups or organisations who work in the spirit of Pax Christi can apply to the International Secretariat to become an Affiliated Organisation or Partner with Pax Christi International. . Affiliated Organisations are Member Organisations paying a membership fee and having voting rights. Partners pay no membership fee and have no voting rights.These Member Organisations are very diverse peace and non-violence groups, human rights organisations, research institutes and international religious congregations.

With organisations that share one or more specific concerns and/or strategies with Pax Christi International, Strategic Alliances can be made.


* Continental and Regional Consultations

On a regular basis, the Member Organisations meet in Continental and Regional Consultations to discuss the challenges for their continent or region. This allows the movement to develop concrete action plans based on the needs of the Member Organisations involved.


* Triennial World Assembly (TWA)

The Pax Christi International Triennial World Assembly has the task to determine common priorities and objectives, to agree a common action program, to select themes for study and action and to approve recommendations, resolutions and declarations. Delegates from the National Sections, Affiliated Organisations and Executive Committee make up the Assembly. A representative selection of the local Pax Christi groups and Partner Organisations are also invited to attend. They meet every three years in different locations all over the world.


* Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets twice a year. They are responsible for the international work of the movement. They receive recommendations from the Continental and Regional Consultations, as well as guidelines from the AGM and TWA.
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* Presidency

The International Presidency (in principle a bishop and a lay person) presides over the Triennial World Assembly and the Executive Committee, and is available to represent the movement on an international level.


* International Secretariat

The International Secretariat runs the day-to-day work of the movement. The Secretary General ensures the carrying-out of decisions taken at the Triennial World Assembly, the Annual General Meeting and the Executive Committee and provides for the overall coordination of the movement and network. The International Secretariat office is in Brussels.
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* Advisory Board

The 'Advisory Board of Friends of Pax Christi International' is composed of people worldwide who strongly believe in the vision and mission of Pax Christi International. Friends support our work in many different ways and help Pax Christi International in raising awareness and creating opportunities for funding through their contacts and spheres of influence. Godfried Cardinal Danneels, International President of Pax Christi International 1990-1999, is President of the Board.
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