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Pax Christi International asks European Parliament to support report on indigenous rights

STATEMENT: Today’s historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un: key points to be included in follow-up talks for peace and disarmament

Pax Christi International welcomes summer intern Olivier Whelan to Brussels office

STATEMENT: International Catholic community decries President Trump’s decision to end U.S. participation in Iran deal

Pax Christi International organises Mexico meeting with Latin American members and partners to discuss extractives, share experiences of resistance

Pax Christi International announces No Boundaries Coalition of USA as 2018 Peace Award Laureates

"Choosing Peace", a new book by Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis examines the Catholic Church's return to gospel nonviolence

Pax Christi Int'l launches programme on empowering new generations on active nonviolence, entrepreneurship in Burundi, Rwanda, & DRC

In the DR Congo, "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like!" #ThisIsNonviolence


Pax Christi International participates in conference “Facing the Dangers of 21st Century Great Power War” in NY

Paul Lansu, Senior Policy Advisor of Pax Christi International, participated in a conference entitled “Facing the Dangers of 21st Century Great Power War” organised in New York on 3 of May by different organisations working for peace...

Pax Christi International attends the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting in New York

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty meeting is holding its third session from 28 April to 9 May 2014 at the United Nations Office in New York with the attendances of the Secretary General and the Policy Advisor of Pax Christi International...

Comissão Pastoral da Terra launches the report on land conflicts in Brazil in 2013

Comissão Pastoral da Terra, Pax Christi member organisation in Brazil, launched the 29th issue of their annual report “Conflicts on the lands in Brazil 2013”. The report summarises the information on conflicts and violence suffered by workers...

Pax Christi Flanders on the first anniversary of the International Arms Trade Treaty

Pax Christi Flanders joined the celebrations related to the first anniversary of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) signed on 2 of April 2013 by the United Nations. This treaty was signed by 118 countries but will only enter into force after being...

Pax Christi International and Pax Christi USA co-signed a letter on nuclear disarmament

Pax Christi International and Pax Christi USA have co-signed a letter addressed to the US Secretary of State John Kerry asking for the end of the nuclear weapons. In the letter, sent on the 23 of April, many organisations working...

Pax Christi Italy participates in the Arena di Pace e Disarmo 2014

On the 25 of April, Pax Christi Italy participates in the "Arena di Pace e Disarmo 2014", an event of resistance and liberation organised in the Verona Arena, Italy. The main goal of the "Arena di Pace e Disarmo" is to shake off the fears and...