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Pax Christi International elects new co-presidents, Bishop Marc Stenger of France and Sr. Wamuyu Wachira of Kenya

Pax Christi International welcomes Dirk Broos, new Deputy Secretary General, to the International Secretariat

Pax Christi International recognises the European Lawyers in Lesvos as recipient of the 2019 Peace Prize at ceremony in Brussels

Pax Christi International sections meet for Annual General Meeting in Brussels

Join Pax Christi International and Pax Christi USA for a special fundraising concert in July in Washington, D.C.

Read the Pax Christi International report for 2018

Pax Christi International to hold 75th anniversary gathering in May 2020 in Hiroshima

Faith leaders, peace practitioners deepen Church's commitment to nonviolence and peace at conference in Rome


PRESS RELEASE: During Annual General Meeting, Pax Christi International elects new co-presidents

At the Annual General Meeting of Pax Christi International, Pax Christi sections elected two new co-presidents: Sr. Teresia Wamuyu Wachira of Kenya and Bishop Marc Stenger of France. Sr. Wachira and Msgr. Stenger immediately succeed Marie Dennis of the USA and Bishop Kevin Dowling of South Africa, who have served together as co-presidents for the past 9 years...

France: Report from Pax Christi France highlights publication of latest newsletter

Read Pax Christi France's latest information on events, actions and more in the latest edition of their newsletter...

Belgium: Former president of Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles, Rev. Luc Roussel, passes away

On Sunday 2 June 2019, the Brussels priest Luc Roussel (68), former president of Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles (now BePax), died in a hospital in Wavre...

Pax Christi International sections meet for Annual General Meeting in Brussels

Pax Christi International sections met in Brussels from 26-27 June 2019 for their Annual General Meeting (AGM). Representatives from 12 sections were in attendance as well as members from the International Board and International Secretariat...

Don't Bank on the Bomb: PAX and ICAN release new report showing how banks are financing nuclear weapons

In early June, PAX and ICAN launched a new report showing how banks and pension funds are financing the companies involved in the production of nuclear weapons: "Shorting our security- Financing the companies that make nuclear weapons"...

Germany: Pax Christi Germany uses posters to spread "Stop the Arms Trade" campaign

"Made in Germany - Action outcry - Stop the arms trade!" shows the consequences of German arms exports in war zones. This poster campaign in the subway station "Französische Strasse" in Berlin in mid-June showed war scenes instead of colorful advertising...