Women as Peacemakers

One of the two founders of Pax Christi International was Madame Marthe Dortel-Claudot, a prayerful person committed to action for peace. As a female peacemaker, she heralded the start of the important role that women in Pax Christi would play in the years to come.

Since its inception, there has been an increased representation of women in Pax Christi, and consequently, the network has reached out to an important number of women through the work that it does in the field.

The year 2007 was a significant one for Pax Christi. It saw several key changes being brought about in the organisational structure. The election of a woman as international Co-President and the appointment of another as Secretary General sought to reflect the participation of women in all levels of Pax Christi’s work for peace.

For Pax Christi International, it is vital that both men and women play a role in defining the vision, strategies and action of the network in order to achieve its goals. This is why female peacemakers from different regions of the world are also present on the Executive Committee - to share their perceptions and experience.

Pax Christi International acknowledges the important role that women play in conflict transformation processes. In accordance with Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council, Pax Christi International stresses the necessity for all parties in armed conflicts, actors involved in negotiations and implementation of peace agreements, and the international community, to fully respect women's rights. Their representation and participation should be supported at all stages in conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict reconstruction, as well as in areas such as peace-building, DDR, and conflict mediation.



  • During the First Regional Consultation for South East Europe in Croatia, and the First Regional Consultation for the Middle East in Lebanon, the role of women as peacemakers during the conflicts in the respective regions was elaborately dealt with.
  • Several female Members of Pax Christi International have been nominated in the "Project 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize".