Peace Training

Pax Christi International assists whole communities in preventing violent conflict, strengthening inter-group cooperation, and applying the principles of unity-in-diversity, equality, and justice within sustainable community-building processes.

Peace training aims to build a lasting foundation for inter-group and inter-ethnic peace in those regions where the ravages of war, terrorism, prejudice, rapid socio-economic and cultural change, and the demands of modern life have created conditions of insecurity and conflict in communities. Pax Christi’s peace training strategy is to reach a wide variety of civil society representatives.



  • Pax Christi International organised a series of trainings at different locations on peace, reconciliation, and respect for human rights for the Pax Christi network in the Great Lakes region, leading to the publishing of a manual and four brochures.
  • Pax Christi offers projects in schools on “Peer Mediation” in which students offer their skills in conflict mediation.