Justice & Peace Communities for Collaborative Learning

Pax Christi International actively incorporates the insights and views of its Member Organisations and partners working on peace-building. “Collaborative learning” is an umbrella term for a variety of educational approaches involving people in justice and peace activities; it is about mutual searching for understanding and possible solutions.

Peace makers listen, share, and try to understand the opinions or situations of the others in order to learn from the past and to be creative together in the future. Groups and communities dealing with justice and peace issues make efforts to increase the sense of responsibility and awareness arising from not only in dealing with the past but especially in collaborative action for the future.

We call it the "globalisation of responsibility and solidarity" - working together and learning from each other in order to solve the problems.

In the spirit of solidarity, and with the instruments of dialogue, we learn respect for every human person; respect for the true values and cultures of others; respect for the legitimate autonomy of others; to look beyond ourselves in order to understand and support the good of others; to contribute to our own resources in social solidarity for the development and growth that come from equity and justice; and to build structures that will ensure that social solidarity and dialogue are permanent features of the world we live in. It is by doing that we are learning.

During the different regional and continental consultations of Pax Christi International, participants share their experiences in peace-building efforts. They exchange the strengths and weaknesses of their organisation and learn from the others. At the same time, they search for common understanding while respecting the rich diversity amongst them.