Interfaith & Intercultural Cooperation for Peace

One of the strategies of Pax Christi International is to promote and engage in inter-religious and multi-cultural dialogue and cooperation. Everywhere, on regional and local levels, people of all walks of faith re-prioritise the essential need for inter-faith action, in response to the pressing needs and concerns of the societies in which they live.


Dialogue and Cooperation

Pax Christi International is increasingly aware of the fact that no religion and no culture is an island. Cooperation can be an effective instrument in conflict resolution. In all situations, Pax Christi International advocates for the use of dialogue and cooperation as a strategy for peace.

Pax Christi International and many of its member organisations offer people of all ages and faiths the opportunity to encounter other cultures, languages, and ways of looking at the world.

In situations of conflict or potential conflict, Pax Christi International provides a forum where religious and political leaders as well as common citizens can together face what divides their communities. All this makes the call for inter-religious dialogue and inter-cultural cooperation both relevant and imperative.