Youth & Intergenerational Peace Dialogue

Within Pax Christi International there is an international network of young people working for peace and justice. They advocate nonviolent peace activism, while drawing on faith and spirituality for insight, compassion, and reconciliation. Many conflicts have roots in our fears and prejudices, which are often based on a lack of understanding about ‘the other’.

That is why Pax Christi brings young people together as much as possible. It does this through dialogue and exchange projects on both the local and international level. Some of these projects are designed to work with, and for, young people living in conflict areas.



  • Pax Christi International promoted Dialogue between Serbian and Albanian youth in Kosovo as well as between youth from Kosovo and from Northern Ireland.
  • Pax Christi Member Organisations are involved in international exchanges in many countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, and Russia, as well as international youth seminars on topics such as peace-building, organisational management, and media awareness.