Early Warning, Conflict Prevention and Resolution

The particular characteristic that strengthens civil society organisations - when compared to governmental organisations – is that they are well embedded into the society, and therefore are an important source of information. More importantly, they have become key factors in all conflict transformation and peace-building work.

As a result, Pax Christi International acknowledges the crucial role of civil society in monitoring and early warning. Pax Christi International strongly supports particular initiatives to set up early warning mechanisms by civil society organisations. People based in a society and those specialising in the country or region are best placed to identify the reasons for a conflict, the motivations of those who are driving it, and to suggest specific actions that can be taken to shift its dynamics in a more peaceful direction.

Observing and monitoring the activities of conflict actors is a means to enhance accountability and a pre-condition for the protection and advocacy functions of civil society. International and local groups can monitor the conflict situation and make recommendations to decision makers, provide information to advocate groups, and provide inputs for early warning. This civil society function is relevant in all conflict phases and its impact is maximised when all actors coordinate closely.