Advocacy & Campaigning

Multiple levels of intervention

The peace spirituality behind Pax Christi International's advocacy is founded upon the preferential option for the person, the whole person, "created and loved by God." Advocacy inspired by this spirituality must, therefore, focus upon the perspective of the human person. Such advocacy urges us to accompany and serve those who suffer and are victims of selfishness and unjust structures, and at the same time, to be present where decisions are made in order to wield a transformative influence on the complex issues of those injustices.

The spirituality, then, invites us to build bridges between rich and poor, to overcome the borders that separate and marginalize people, to establish bonds of collaboration between those who hold decision-making power and those who can hardly make their voice heard. We call for a "costly solidarity," and firm collective action.


1. Advocacy work towards the political world at national and international levels

Pax Christi has had Special Consultative Status at the United Nations since 1979. Through its representative status with international bodies such as the United Nations (ECOSOC), UNESCO (Operational Relations), the European Union, the African Union, and the Council of Europe, Pax Christi International brings the experiences and concerns of its Members in the Global Network to the international arena. Pax Christi Member Organisations engage in advocacy appropriate to their own unique social and political context on the national level.


2. Advocacy work with civil society

Almost all of our peace campaigning and networking is done in partnership with other groups. Sometimes it is relevant and appropriate that Pax Christi International acts on its own, but in today's world, networking and collaboration are increasingly becoming essential components of effective advocacy. We see collaboration as an essential part of peace building work and are pleased to play a facilitating role where we can. We operate in conjunction with peace organisations and peace networks on all continents.

Pax Christi International is a member of, or active in, a wide range of international coalitions. In order to engage in effective advocacy work as well as to share and exchange information, it is important to connect with other civil society actors and, if possible, coordinate initiatives.


3. Advocacy work towards the religious world

We work with churches to develop ecumenical thinking on reconciliation, dialogue, peace, and justice, as well as with other Christian peace organisations to expand the attention churches give to peace and justice issues in general. We do the same with other religions in an inter-faith context. Through networking, Pax Christi International also seeks to have a transforming influence, making religion an unequivocal force for peace and justice.

Pax Christi International is Catholic in origin and tradition, and also firmly committed to cooperation with other ecumenical and religious traditions and with all who share its values, principles, and objectives. We are linked with other agencies worldwide, sharing experiences and resources, and working together on joint projects wherever possible.


4. Advocacy work towards the public at large

A last level of advocacy work is towards segments of the public at large through awareness raising campaigns and mobilising public support for peace work.

Pax Christi International supports different campaigns initiated by its member organisations, by other like-minded organisations or by coalitions of civil society actors. These campaigns can take the form of petitions or letter writing actions. In many cases, model letters are being circulated to the member organisations, asking them to mobilise the public at large to join the campaign.

Working with its members, the public, other peace campaigning groups, civil servants, and politicians, Pax Christi International promotes the view that global peace and security is achievable by tackling the systematic causes of violence and building conditions of peace.

Pax Christi International has published an article on “Spirituality of Advocacy in Pax Christi International: International Representation, Advocacy and Campaigning.”