Watch an introductory webinar on the historic Nonviolence and Just Peace conference


On September 13, 2016 a introductory webinar was held about the ground-shifting Nonviolence and Just Peace conference, which was held in Rome this past April 2016.
This introductory webinar was the first of a four-part series to share and advance the fruit of the conference, which was co-sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
In this first webinar, we heard from conference organizers and participants about the background, purpose, process, and basic outcomes of the conference.
The forthcoming webinars in the series will include conference topics such as experiences of nonviolence and Jesus’ way of nonviolence, just peace and moving beyond unending war, and the appeal to the Catholic Church and its implementation.
We hope you will join us for each webinar in the series. Each will be recorded for re-use.
Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, nonviolence, just peace, Rome conference