Vatican Radio: Pax Christi welcomes Pope Francis's message on nonviolence

from Vatican Radio
The global Catholic peace network Pax Christi International has welcomed Pope Francis’ message for World Peace Day, calling on the Church to invest in nonviolent ways of resolving wars and conflicts.
The message, entitled ‘Nonviolence: A style of politics for peace,’ was published in December to mark the Catholic Church’s observance of World Peace Day on January 1st.
In the message the Pope notes that violence leads to suffering through forced migrations, environmental destruction, terrorism and organized crime, as well as a deadly cycle of retaliation that ends up benefiting merely a few warlords.
Among those welcoming the Pope’s words is Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi International and former director of the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns. A mother of six, she has also served on the White House Task Force on Global Poverty and Development and writes regularly on peacebuilding from a Catholic perspective.
Marie spoke to Philippa Hitchen about the significance of this message and about a recent Rome conference on nonviolence which Pax Christi jointly sponsored...
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