USA: Pax Christi USA says real national emergency is the continued scapegoating of immigrants


from Pax Christi USA

19/2/19 - There is currently a national emergency in the US, but it is not at the border…it is in the executive order that has just come from the White House. Through this executive order desperate women, children, and men fleeing violence, fear, and hatred in their home countries continue to be demonized and slandered by the president. This galvanization of fear among U.S. citizens and the allocation of billions of dollars to build a wall to keep out people who have been forced to migrate to the U.S. is as spiritually toxic as it is irrational.

Eight billion dollars could contribute greatly to programs of aid and creating systems that ensure the health and well-being of U.S. citizens as well as migrants. Clearly, the well-being of humans is not the priority of President Trump as he continues to scapegoat migrants and feed the narrative that immigrants are the reason for any political or economic issues in the U.S.

“The declaration of an emergency by President Trump in order to move forward with building a border wall does not reflect the values of compassion, justice, and protection of vulnerable people upon which this country was founded,” Sr. Patricia Chappell, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA said...

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