UN: Pax Christi International brings the Sri Lankan human rights situation under the attention of the UN Human Rights Council 34th session starting today


Pax Christi International has submitted a written as well as oral statement on the Sri Lankan human rights situation for the  34th Session of the UN Human Rights Council starting in Geneva today (February 27th – March 24th). The Council will discuss the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of resolution 30/1 setting out an agenda promising truth, justice, reparations and guarantees of non-recurrence to victims of the Sri Lankan war. In our statements we underline the Sri Lankan government has insufficiently complied with its commitments in accordance to this resolution. Also, that the current human rights situation in Sri Lanka’s Tamil North and East has  been  deteriorating,  forming  an  obstacle  to  reconciliation,  accountability  and  human  rights  in  Sri  Lanka.   Pax Christi International therefore calls the Human Rights Council to:

  • Refer the case of Sri Lanka to the General Assembly and the Security Council for measures to be taken since the government has not implemented the action points set out in resolution 30/1, which has had a deleterious effect on the rights of the Tamil people.
  • Maintain together with the High Commissioner and its office scrutiny of the human rights situation in Sri Lanka and especially with regard to the situation of the Tamil people.
  • Recommend an investigation by the High Commissioner and his office into the sinhalisation and religious oppression of the North and East of Sri Lanka, and that those found guilty of attacking and persecuting religious minorities be brought to justice. 
  • Support the establishment of a country office of the High Commissioner in Sri Lanka for increased monitoring and assistance with regard to the human rights situation.

Read the whole written statement here. 

In addition, we have requested for an oral statement to be delivered at the HRC 34th session discussion on this situation by our member Pancras Jordan. The sessions of the HRC can be followed here through UN Web TV.


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