UK: Pax Christi UK takes part in the Global Days of Action on Military Spending


from Pax Christi UK

12/5/18 - For yet another year it seems Education has come top of the list for students and parents today at St. Josephs school in Hendon for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

Members of the Pax Christi office team set up in the warm sunshine today to greet parents, students and teachers and ask them to vote on how they would each spend £48 billion! Everyone was presented with their own £48 billion (in the form of 4 buttons!) and then asked to divide the “money” as they wished between the following choices of investment: Education & Healthcare; Tackling Climate Change; International cooperation and lastly the Arms and Military intervention.

It was great to see so many youngsters so eager to have their voices heard on such an important issue and great to listen to the concerns and questions from our youngest citizens.

This is the 6th year that the Global Day of Action on Military Spending has been marked in the UK with many events being held up and down the UK including in Leeds where YorkshireCND held an event and in London where Women in Black also marked the week of action.

The UK is the 6th largest military spender in the world. Globally military spending stands at $1.75 trillion. GDAMS offers ordinary people an opportunity to think of what will make for a safer world.

GDAMs urges that military spending to be redirected towards social and environmental needs. These needs should take priority over aircraft carriers, long range strike aircraft, armed drones, weapons exports and weapons of mass destruction. In addition we also need new thinking involving civil society and government to create a clear programme of action for spending, research and investment to build sustainable, common security at national and international levels.

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