UK: Pax Christi UK published newsletter for September with numerous events, resources, more


11/9/18 - Pax Christi UK just published their latest newsletter which includes a wealth of information, resources and opportunities. Included in the newsletter are calendar items like: 

  • September 16 - 23: The World week for peace in Palestine and Israel. A national week of action, prayer and study.
  • September 21 - 23: Peace History Conference will take place in Cardiff with speakers from MAW, Pax Christi and others. 
  • October 2: Celebrate COs of the First World War. 

The newsletter also includes resources for Remembrance Week, "The Catholic Church and Nuclear Ban Treaty", and more. 

Pax Christi UK is also delighted to welcome Aishling Griffin to the Pax Christi team as our new Schools and Youth Education Officer.

Click here to read the Pax Christi UK newsletter for September.


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