UK: Pax Christi UK marks the beginning of Lent with witness at military sites


[From] Ash Wednesday marked the 35th year of Christian witness and protest to nuclear war preparations at the Ministry of Defence in London. Similar liturgies and actions took place in Liverpool city centre and at the Faslane naval base in Scotland. Those taking part in the activities on Ash Wednesday include Pax Christi UK, Christian CND, London Catholic Worker, Glasgow Catholic Worker and Pax Christi Liverpool. They believe that Christians must take personal responsibility to speak out against policies and plans that challenge Gospel values and the teaching of the Catholic Church on nuclear weapons. They prayed using symbols of ash and charcoal, confronting the state publicly in the liturgies on Ash Wednesday. The liturgies drew on the words of Pope Francis in his World Peace Day message 2017: "I plead for disarmament and for the prohibition and abolition of nuclear weapons; nuclear deterrence and the threat of mutual assured destruction are incapable of grounding us in an ethics of fraternity".
Pax Christi UK, Ash Wednesday