UK: Pax Christi UK General Secretary comments on report exploring how "military ethos" has penetrated educational institutions


from Ekklesia

13/7/18 - At a public meeting on Monday 25 June 2018, ForcesWatch launched a new report by Professor Paul Dixon, Warrior Nation: War, militarisation and British democracy.

The launch was timed to coincide with the run up to Armed Forces Day on 30 June. Armed Forces Day was established in 2009, as part of a 'Militarisation Offensive' to improve public recognition and support for the armed forces.

The report explores how this militarisation failed to produce majority support for the war in Afghanistan but deepened the militarisation of British politics and society. Since 2006, says the report, the military have broken constitutional convention and made public attacks on politicians, leading to the most severe tensions in political-military relations since the Second World War.

Pat Gaffney, General Secretary of Pax Christi UK says, "If you have not yet begun to explore the many faces of the 'Military Offensive', this new publication will help you navigate your way through the language, practices, policies and culture that are used to give more power and kudos to the military.

"While the major focus of analysis is the post 2006 period and the impact of the offensive on public opinion and politics, it reminds us that this path was established through the UK military involvement in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq. Of special interest to me is the relationship between the military and schools.

"The reinvention and promotion of armistice and Armed Forces Day, 'military ethos' and cadets in schools, have contributed to a deeper military penetration of our education system; this report puts them in a wider context. An important resource for all concerned with the militarisation of our society and where pressure needs to be brought to effect a change."...

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