UK: 37 years of prayer on Ash Wednesday at the Minister of Defence in London


from Pax Christi UK

4/3/19 - Since 1982 Christians have gathered on Ash Wednesday at the Ministry of Defence in London, to pray for peace and a conversion of hearts and minds, away from nuclear war preparations, the destruction caused by nuclear testing and  the wasted resources that are invested in nuclear weapons.

Again this Lent, 6 March 2019, there will be a service and pilgrimage around the Ministry of Defence building, to challenge the on-going policies of the UK Government  which is set on maintaining  the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent. Those taking part will pray for their own need to change and take responsible action for peace as citizens .  Fr Joe Ryan Chair of Westminster Justice & Peace commission  will bless and distribute ashes during the gathering. These will be used to mark out the word REPENT  in the final prayer on the pavement in front of the Ministry of Defence building. Those taking part will process the whole length of the Ministry of Defence building, tying purple and black ribbons to the fence – these represent the 125 countries who have not yet signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Pat Gaffney, General Secretary says that the action is consistent with the spirit and meaning of the day. “For 37 years we have had a faithful nonviolent presence here, showing respect for our traditions and for those we meet. There is a special purpose in praying in this place: to challenge those things deep within us that cause us to be greedy or violent or indifferent to others – and we prayerfully bring that same challenge to those responsible for policies. We have a Prime Minister who has said that she would be willing to press the nuclear button. We have a government that has refused to even participate in talks to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As responsible citizens, we call our Government to have a change of heart with regard to security dependent on nuclear weapons and the destruction they bring”...

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