Take action for International Women's Day, 8 March 2018!


Much has been said in recent years about the heavy impact on women because of war, armed conflict and violence at every level. At the same time, women too often are perceived only as victims, and the strong leadership of women in the peacemaking field is neither recognised nor welcomed. The establishment of UN Women and the important work on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions indicate growing consciousness of this reality.

Pax Christi has witnessed for many years the powerful presence and the untiring commitment of women working for peace. Pax Christi leadership from the very beginning of our movement has been fully inclusive of women. Our international network strives to promote the visibility of this legacy and to consciously incorporate the witness and wisdom of women into our peace agenda at every level. Pax Christi has much to contribute to the global effort to bring the contribution of women even more into the centre of the work for sustainable peace.

"Why Women Matter", presented by Voices of Faith

Pax Christi International leadership will be participating again this year in the International Women's Day program sponsored by Voices of Faith in Rome, entitled "Why Women Matter". This will be the 5th International Women’s Day from the heart of the Vatican. We live in times marked by change, but there are places where gender equality is being systematically overlooked. The Catholic Church is one of them. Young Catholic women are passionate and ready to stand up for their beliefs. They are committed to making a difference, in their communities, in their workplace, in the global arena. They are role models and leaders in their societies, why are they excluded from being leaders within the Catholic Church?

Join us at Voices of Faith in March and hear from these incredible women. We only ask, will Pope Francis and our pastoral leaders listen? 

Interpretation will be available in English, Italian and Portuguese.

Take action: Women who want peace say, "Thank you Pope Francis!"

Pax Christi International and the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative are deeply grateful to Pope Francis for his consistently strong condemnation of nuclear weapons and the vicious arms trade. His clarity on and commitment to peace and nonviolence are wonderful gift to our movement.

This year for International Women’s Day, we invite women to send a thank-you message to Pope Francis, in appreciation for his leadership on these issues. We want him to know that we are listening to and affirming his words.

Click here to read more and sign an online “postcard” to Pope Francis.

The postcard is available in English, French, Spanish and Italian. We will collect the responses over the next month, and will deliver the names and personal notes to the Vatican on 8 March.

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