The Spirituality of Transformative Justice and Democracy

Bishop Kevin Dowling, Co-President of Pax Christi International, delivered a presentation on the spirituality of transformative justice and democracy during the Peace Spirituality Encounter organised by the International Secretariat in Warsaw, in May 2013.  

In post-conflict situations after the end of a war and in all efforts to work for peace in situations of violence, what has become central to discussions over the past years has been a reflection on the numerous issues encompassed by ‘Transitional Justice’.

Transitional Justice emphasizes the centrality of justice as the cornerstone of both process and outcome of the transition time from conflict and violence. One objective is to create and nurture an environment where past evils and atrocities will never occur again.

Transitional Justice equally speaks of the possibilities of justice for victims, the accountability of perpetrators responsible for injustices, and of the process leading to reconciliation, where possible, and a decent society.

Catholic Social Teaching principles can bring a distinctive value to the broader conversation around Transitional Justice. Read the full contribution of Bishop Kevin Dowling here.