Spain: Young people met with the motto "Go looking for Jesus who loves you ... who follows you"


Our member organisation in Spain Siervas de San Jose writes us the following about their recent youth actions:

Followers of Jesus, creator of Kingdoms

Between July 20th and 23rd, we met a group of young people from different provinces of Cuba and several Servants of San José to live together, share, work and deepen in following Jesus.

The place chosen to live this experience was Hogar de ancianas de Miramar (Havana). 

Young people from Pinar del Río, Sancti Spiritus and Santa Clara participated, with whom we have been making process in this course, and encouraged the coexistence Esther Ferrer, Sara Maria Salema and María Isabel García.

The motto for the three days was the one of our Mother Bonifacia: "Go looking for Jesus who loves you ... who follows you". There was space for integration, recreation, work, reflection, prayer and more.

Following Jesus and being creators of the Kingdom is a daily occurrence, in everything we do. From this perspective every morning we offered our help to the Home with the cleaning, the gardening, the organization and whatever it took to lend a hand in the work.

The closeness with the old women, working side by side with young workers of the Home and Siervas, along with the relationships of friendship and affection that we were knitting, gave new flavor and color to the house these days.

The manual workshop, always present in our summer coexistences, helped us to create, share, discover skills and recreate the charism.

A walk along the malecón, a musical work in the amphitheater of Havana and a dip in the sea helped us to integrate even more, enjoy and have fun.

We begin the last day of the coexistence with the Sunday mass at home, then to collect the experience of the experience and to evaluate.

The farewell left us all desires of more, of new meetings to continue sharing both in the local groups and uniting of several places. Also in us, Siervas de San José this experience has left learning, new links, much gratitude and desires to continue working and sharing with young people our gift: life, spirituality and charisma.


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