South Sudan: Holy Trinity Peace Village peace team looks for solutions to raids, revenge


from Holy Trinity Peace Village
Perennially, the period from January to February is the peak dry season in the semi-arid area of South Eastern South Sudan in Kuron and Boma areas inhabited by the Toposa and Jie-MurleKachipo respectively. With the extreme drought, all water points are dried up, except for Nakipinakwak, a water point north-east of Kuron and south east of Boma. On 13th January 2017, the Jie from Boma and Toposa herdsmen from Kuron converged at the water point with the animals; cattle and goats numbering thousands. Within no time of the encounter, fighting erupted in which according to sources from Boma 3 Jie were killed and another 3 were serious injured. Meanwhile, they reported 10 Toposa herdsmen killed with unknown number injured. After being overpowered by the Jie, the Toposa retreated leaving behind their animals, which were all taken by the Jie.

The impact of this incidence is serious to Toposa communities in the Kuron area. Most children who rely on milk and animal products have completely no food and thus starving. This has resulted into massive women and children camping in front of the gate at Holy Trinity Peace Village (HTPV) in Kuron in search of food. Unfortunately, HTPV does not have any food to alleviate the situation.
On the 28th & 29th January 2017, HTPV team comprising Mr. Lam Oryem Cosmas (Director), Ms Patricia Adong (Peacebuilding Coordinator), and Rev Fr Gabriel Tipo Ayik Deng (Chaplain) visited Boma to better understand the magnitude of the situation. In the company of HTPV Field Assistant David Lokai, the team met and shared with the County Commissioner and the selected members of the proposed Boma-Kuron joint peace monitoring team. Later, the team met and discussed the situation with the Deputy Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs who was visiting Boma County. The purpose of the visit was to explore ways and means for the peace team and county authority would work collaboratively in search of responding to the situation and to avoid counter-revenge and act...


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