South Sudan: Bishop Paride Taban, founder of member organisation Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron, wins human rights award


8/2/18 - On Tuesday, 6 February 2018, the chairman of the Roosevelt Foundation and King’s Commissioner in the Province of Zeeland, Mr. Han Polman, announced the names of the 2018 Four Freedoms Awards Laureates. The award for the Freedom of Worship goes to South Sudanese Bishop Paride Taban. The Four Freedoms Awards ceremony will take place on 16 May 2018 in Middelburg.

Freedom of Worship: Bishop Paride Taban

The award for the Freedom of Worship goes to Bishop Paride Taban for his life-long and selfless dedication to the cause of bringing freedom and peace to the people of South Sudan. Since the 1960’s he has worked as a peacemaker, drawing on seemingly bottomless reserves of patience, optimism and strategic insight. His great wisdom and deep respect for different religions and cultures has enabled him to forge emotional bonds between otherwise battling groups. The Kuron Peace Village, a member organisation of Pax Christi International, is the visible embodiment of his achievement. Bishop Paride Taban continues to call for an end to the human suffering and for a peaceful solution of the conflict in South Sudan in local, national and international forums. Through his life’s work he is keeping the flame of hope for peace alive, not only by preaching the word of God but by living it.

Click here to read the nomination of Bishop Taban from our member organisation in the Netherlands, PAX.


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