Philippines: Archbishop Ledesma of Pax Christi Philippines, International Board signs onto statement supporting Bangsamoro Organic Law


17/1/19 - This coming Monday is plebiscite day for the Bangsamoro Organic Law in the Philippines. Success of this law will pave the way for the establishment of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, then the Bangsamoro Government which will give greater political autonomy and the right to self-determination for the Bangsamoro people in Mindanao.

As plebiscite day approaches, Archbishop Antonio Ledesma of Pax Christi Philippines and a board member of Pax Christi International, has signed onto a statement from Catholic Church Leaders for Peace. The statement was also signed by Ms. Myla Leguro of Catholic Relief Services on Mindanao. Ms. Leguro helped to facilitate our consultation with our Asia-Pacific member organisations in Manila in 2017.

The beginning of the statement reads,

"As the plebiscite on the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) draws near, we, Mindanao Catholic Church Leaders for Peace, wish to express our support for its passage with the following observations.

"The BOL addresses the three historical injustices against the Muslim community as expressed by their own leaders: the diminution of their ancestral territory; the threat to their cultural identity; and the loss of their political governance. After more than half a century of armed struggle, and countless peace negotiations, the BOL represents the mutual acceptance by both sides for the creation of a Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

"In this light, the BOL is more than just another piece of legislation; it is more significantly a peace agreement that involves the future development of Mindanao and the rest of the country. After many failed attempts, this may be the last concrete chance for a just and lasting peace in Mindanao." ...

Click here to read the entire statement.


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