Petition to stop recruitment of 16 year olds into the UK Armed Forces


Pax Christi UK has initiated a petition addressed to the UK Ministry of Defence to stop the recruitment of 16 year olds into the UK Armed Forces.


Children as young as 15 years, 7 months can apply for the Army. The UK remains the only EU country to recruit 16 year olds into the military and one of very few EU countries to recruit 17 year olds. The UN and the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights have requested that the UK reconsider its policy of recruitment of children into the military, that ethnic minorities and children of low-income families are not targeted, that parents are included in the process from the outset and that the limited discharge rights for child soldiers are reviewed.


Signatories to this petition call on the UK Government to put an end to "unethical military recruitment practices" without further delay.


The petition will be handed to the Ministry of Defence in April 2014.


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Petition to raise the age of recruitment into the UK Armed Forces in 2014 Initiated by Pax Christi UK and supported by: Baptist Peace Fellowship, Child Soldiers International, Christian CND, Columban Justice Peace & Integrity of Creation, Conscience, Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre, Fellowship of Reconciliation, ForcesWatch, Movement for the Abolition of War, National Justice & Peace Network, National Union of Teachers, Network for Peace, Northern Friends Peace Board, Peace Education Network, Peace Pledge Union, Quaker Peace & Social Witness, Student Christian Movement, War Resisters International, Woodcraft Folk, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom.