Pax Christi UK takes a creative approach to raising awareness about Palestine


from Sue Scott, Birmingham
Pax Christi UK member
A small group based at St. Dunstan’s in Birmingham has started holding a stall at the monthly Kings Heath farmers’ market in order to sell Palestinian goods and to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine/Israel. The stall has a variety of information leaflets and is brightly decorated with peace flags and kites, and kite-making sessions have been held, which attract the children. One of us takes round a small tray of olive oil, za’atar and pieces of flat bread and invites people to “a taste of Palestine”. This has proved a useful way of engaging people in discussion and of directing them to the stall. We feel the project so far has been successful enough for us to continue (though our hardiness may be tested when winter comes!).
Pax Christi UK, Israel, Palestine, Sue Scott, Birmingham