Pax Christi Italy Statement on Israel


Pax Christi Italy issued a statement asking for the immediate release of the three young Israeli citizens living in one of the illegal colonies in Hebron, Palestine. The Italian Pax Christi section further calls for stronger international pressure on the Israeli government to comply with UN resolutions regarding this issue.


Concerned about the fate of the kidnapped and the population living in the area, Pax Christi Italy strongly condemns the reaction of the Israeli government who sent the army of occupation to detain hundreds of innocent Palestinian citizens. For Pax Christi, these measures, far from paving the way to a solution, only serve to feed hatred and revenge.


For more than ten years, Pax Christi Italy has been closely monitoring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through the campaign Ponti e non muri (Bridges, not Walls), which enables the Italian section to advocate for a better resolution of conflicts in the area.


Read the statement in Italian here.