Pax Christi International's Young Peace Journalist project is expanding

The Young Peace Journalist project has been growing. The second generation of YPJ started: In March 15 new participants got trained in the principles of responsible/peace journalism, the situation of refuges, IDPs, migrants and asylum seekers and how to do an interview. The training was a mix of webinar sessions and discussions to deepen the knowledge. Moreover, the group also got to know each other better by writing a short story about the meaning of their name. These stories started to reveal the diversity in the group. There are participants from Portugal, Democratic Republic of Congo, England, Kenya, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and the US.

Now they are ready to conduct their own interviews in their hometowns. The group will keep on meeting in regularly online-sessions to follow up on the process, reflect on the interviews and exchange about their ideas. In the next month, we will continue to broaden our horizon and learn more about the situation of refugees in other countries.

With this second group the Young Peace Journalists can cover more stories from more people who have a refugee background. The first and the second group are now also able to shed a light on geographically diverse situations and raise awareness for the plight of people who have fled. The first group of YPJ continues meeting in online-sessions after publishing their interviews.

All the stories are and will be published at Pax Christi International’s peace stories blog.


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