Pax Christi International welcomes staff member Noemie Deby


Pax Christi International is pleased to announce that a new member has joined the International Secretariat. Noémie Deby joined the staff in November 2016 and assumed the position of management assistant. She has already proven herself to be a valuable member of the staff, including helping to coordinate the preparations and logistics for the Annual General Membership meeting where Pax Christi International sections from around the world gather in Brussels at the International Secretariat's offices to offer guidance for the global movement and exchange information.

Prior to joining Pax Christi International, Ms. Deby has done studies in Public Policy and Human Development and attended the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies in South Korea.

"This 1.5 year experience abroad marked my life for good as I understood that 'peace' is just a pretentious word until your actions actually match with the deep meaning this powerful word stands for," stated Ms. Deby.

Ms. Deby's background includes studies in environment and sustainable development, expertise development, international relations and global governance, public policy and more. 

"I am extremely thankful to Pax Christi International for giving me the opportunity to live and work for what I believe in," said Ms. Deby. 

You can reach Ms. Deby at


Noemie Deby