Pax Christi International welcomes new communications intern, Marie Just of Germany


Pax Christi International is pleased to welcome a new communications intern to the International Secretariat, Marie Just from Germany. Marie's interest in doing voluntary work with Pax Christi International came out of her experience at her previous job where she worked as a media consultant/advertising sales representative for a newspaper.
"My work was – in simple terms – to ensure the financing of the newspaper through advertising. However, every day, I saw how commercially-driven this work is. Voluntary work is a great opportunity to find out what it is like to really work collectively," she stated. "I believe that working as a volunteer will show me what it is like when profit is not the predominant factor affecting the way in which people within an organisation think and act."
At university, Marie received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications, specialising in Journalism/PR.
At the International Secretariat, Marie will be helping in the communications department as well as assisting with youth activities. She can be reached at
Welcome Marie!
Marie Just, intern, internship, Germany