Pax Christi International signs onto statement regarding the Asylum and Migration Fund


15/2/19 - Pax Christi International has signed onto the joint statement entitled “The Asylum and Migration Fund: A tool for more humane, transparent and effective asylum and migration policies in the EU?” which is co-signed by UNHCR and other concerned European NGOs.

With the other organisations, we are calling on co-legislators to ensure that the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF) plays a considerable role in meeting its stated objectives by, in particular:

  • Enhancing the role of CSOs and local authorities
  • Strengthening the Partnership Principle both at national and EU level
  • Building synergies between AMF and the ESF+ proposals
  • Defining and framing the use of AMF in non EU countries

Click here to read the entire statement.


Asylum and Migration Fund, statement