Pax Christi International signs onto joint statement calling for greater protection of refugee, migrant children


This past weekend was Universal Children's Day, 20 November. Pax Christi International joined with several other non-governmental organisations in issuing a joint statement encouraging greater protection for migrant and refugee children.

The statement begins:
On the occasion of Universal Children's Day on November 20th, we echo Pope Francis’ appeal “to adopt every possible measure to guarantee the protection and safety of child migrants.” In this time of epic human displacement, “children constitute the most vulnerable group, because as they face the life ahead of them, they are invisible and voiceless”.
According to a recent report by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), one in every 200 children in the world is growing up as a refugee. Of the world’s 31 million children living outside their countries of birth, 11 million are forcibly displaced...

Click on the following language links to see the statement in English, In Spanish, in French, and in Italian.


Universal Children's Day