Pax Christi International represented at the Advisory Group Meeting of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers in London in May


22/6/19 - The Advisory Group Meeting of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers held its AGM at the Church House in Westminster in London May 9-11, 2019. About 60 delegates from all over the world and from different religious traditions attended the AGM. Among the participant’s religious leaders from Muslim, Buddhist and Sikh communities as well as delegates from research centres and different (inter) faith based NGO’s.

The work done by the Network aims at strengthening and supporting the positive role of religious and traditional peacemakers in peacebuilding processes. All work done by the Network is carried out in cooperation with partner organizations. Fr. Paul Lansu represented Pax Christi International as a partner of the Network. Delegates from international governmental institutes also attended including from UNDP, OSCE and the EU. 

The Network supports peace processes and peacebuilding efforts by capacity building, trainings, research, and engaging grassroots actors in national and international dialogues. The activities of the Network are based on a multi-track approach that brings together religious and traditional peacemakers with intergovernmental and international bodies. Dialogue between civil society and intergovernmental institutions is part of the procedure.

A major part of the AGM was devoted to the strategy, mission and vision of the Network. Special attention was given to the inclusivity of our peacemaking especially working with women and youth and on grassroots efforts for sustainable peace. Fr. Paul made a contribution on the dimension of advocacy. Strong emphasis was made on the Sustainable Development Goals not at least article 5 and 16.

To date, the Network has been and continues to be active in countries such as Central African Republic, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Finland, Libya, South Sudan and Afghanistan. To add to this, the Network also supports regional-level processes in South and East Asia. The Director of the Network is a member of the UN NGO working group on the UN Security Council.

Read the executive summary report from the meetings here.


Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers