Pax Christi International joins actions around the world to push BNP Paribas to stop investing in nuclear weapons


26/9/18 - Today, 26 September, the fifth International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Pax Christi International joined in flash protests held to call upon the BNP Paribas bank to divest from nuclear weapons. People organised demonstrations at BNP Paribas offices in 74 countries to raise awareness with staff and clients, to get local media coverage and generate online attention through social media postings. 

Pax Christi International supports this action day, organised by our member organization PAX and our partner organisation ICAN. There is important momentum to push banks to exclude nuclear weapons producers from investment, as in June when Belgian bank KBC decided to do so following actions by Pax Christi Flanders with other Belgian peace organisations as part of PAX’s "Don’t Bank the Bomb" campaign.

Since January 2014, BNP Paribas provided more than $8 billion USD in financing to nuclear weapon producing companies. In 2017 alone BNP Paribas provided around $1.4 billion USD in new loans and other financial services that support the production of nuclear weapons. BNP Paribas has investments in companies that produce key components for the French, British, Indian and American nuclear weapon arsenals.

Click here to see photos of the protest attended by Pax Christi International staff in Brussels.


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