Pax Christi International to hold 75th anniversary gathering in Hiroshima, Japan in May 2020


20/6/19 - Pax Christi International will be observing two major 75th anniversaries in 2020. In 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were devastated by the first atom bombs. That same year, upon the conclusion of the Second World War, Pax Christi International was founded as a movement of reconciliation between French and German Catholics who aspired to peace. 

From May 18-22, 2020, Pax Christi International will gather members of its network from around the world in Hiroshima, Japan to observe these two events. 

Click here to see the programme (tentative).

At this time, Pax Christi International is inviting its members to "save-the-date" for this extraordinary global gathering. Registration for the gathering will begin in August 2019. More information is expected in the coming weeks. 


Hiroshima, 75th anniversary, World Assembly 2020