Pax Christi Germany: Pax Christi diocesan associations of Limburg and Mainz merge into "Pax Christi Rhein-Main - Regionalverband Limburg-Mainz"; hold conference


from Pax Christi Germany 

14/9/18 - On the day of peace, 1 September 2018, the Pax Christi Rhein-Main, Regionalverband Limburg-Mainz was founded in Frankfurt. The two Pax Christi diocesan associations Limburg and Mainz also joined together structurally after a previous process of substantive cooperation. As chairwoman, Susanne Margraf-Epe and Thomas Meinhardt were elected. As Spiritual Advisors, Michael Baunacke and Peter Hofacker.

In the Frankfurt appeal, the new regional association makes clear its self-image as a Christian-ecumenical grassroots movement for an "economy of life" (Pope Francis). With active nonviolence, they want to work for a good life for all!

For the international Pax Christi network, Paul Lansu considered a response deeply rooted in the spirituality of peace. "In the worldly sense of the word, hope represents trust in one's identity, in the ability to interact positively with the world. Hope is the opposite of resignation and surrender; it is the form of trust that encourages us to approach other people without fear and to accept differences."

Federal President Norbert Richter wished the new committees success for the German Pax Christi section. He wished the new regional association: "May nonviolence, from the level of local everyday life to the level of the world order, be the defining style of our decisions, our relations, our actions and politics in all its forms."...

Click here to read more, including speeches by Pax Christi International Board member Norbert Richter and Pax Christi International Senior Advisor Rev. Paul Lansu.


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