Pax Christi Flanders staff member expelled from Israel


Brigitte Herremans of Pax Christi Flanders was expelled upon arrival in Israel last week. Herremans was set to accompany a group of young people on an educational trip in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The group is continuing the trip despite her absence.
Pax Christi Flanders, while upset about this incident, is determined to continue their work in the region. They support Israeli and Palestinian human rights and peace organizations working for change on the ground. "Israel wants these voices silenced..." said Herremans. "This incident is a continuation of Israel's witch hunt against dissenting voices."
Pax Christi Flanders recognises that Israel systematically destroys the basic rights of Palestinians and violates the two-state solution. At the same time, they also condemn the violations of international law on the Palestinian side. They regret that the international community does not exert the political will to take bold steps and to increase the pressure on Israel...
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