Palestine: Pax Christi International member organisation in Palestine publishes book on Christians, Muslims living together


from the Arab Educational Institute

AEI developed a new book with stories about Muslims and Christians living together. The stories in the book are written by students from West Bank schools in the Bethlehem and Ramallah regions. The book is entitled, Hand in Hand: Christian-Moslem Encounter in Daily Palestinian Life
The Arab Educational Institute (AEI) started a project in the early 1990s in order to support and develop the idea of Christian-Moslem living together. In the face of occupation, economic uncertainties as well as lack of proper study possibilities and work for youth, Palestinian society in the West Bank is under heavy pressure. Hopelessness sometimes leads to radicalism and a deepening of social divisions in society. The project has aimed to contribute to society’s cohesion and resilience by promoting Moslem-Christian living together. Doing so, the project promotes a pluralist vision of society in which minority groups, such as the Palestinian Christians, preserve their rights and are able to fully participate.
In close cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education the Arab Educational Institute works together with 30 private and governmental schools in the areas of Bethlehem and Ramallah. Through workshops given to Religious Education teachers, we provide knowledge in concepts and methodologies for joint Religious Education lessons that emphasize the commonalities of the two religions and focus on student-centered forms of learning. These methods include drama-in-education, fieldtrips, story-writing, discussions and the Socratic dialogue. Other methods we use are the moral dilemma approach and the Read, Reflect, Communicate and Act (RRCA) method.
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