Palestine: Christian organisations in Palestine release open letter; AEI's Rania Murra quoted


At an International Peace Consultation on 20 June, the National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine issued on open letter to the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ecumenical movement, stating, “There is still no justice in our land.”

Read the open letter here.

Rania Murra, Director of the Arab Educational Institute, member of the International Board of Pax Christi International, was quoted:

After more than 50 years of occupation, I think it is urgent to be united and to raise the prophetic voice of the churches to speak out clearly since "right is might."

I think this is a strong call, which shows our unity as Palestinian Christians; and I urge local and international churches as well as civil society and human rights organizations, to endorse the call, not only as a statement but also as a strategy for action in order to end the occupation put Palestinians on the road to security, prosperity, justice and endurable peace.

The positive reactions and the strong stand of some international churches' representatives have given me some hope against hope personally, as a mother of three teenagers. I need your strong stand and actions to help light the candle of hope in my children's hearts and minds and to encourage them to stay on the land; to have sumud (steadfastness) and never to lose hope.

As a member of the International Board of Pax Christi International, I would like to say that our Catholic peace movement is concerned that Palestinians, after 50 years of occupation, have reached the “moment of the impossible.” Opportunities are needed for a peaceful solution. With regard to future ecumenical action, this letter of Christian organizations in Palestine is of utmost importance. As called upon by the vice-president of the NCCOP and the general secretary of the WCC at the conference, we will share the message with our network and Catholic church leaders.


Palestine, Rania Giacaman Murra, AEI, Arab Educational Institute