Netherlands: Environmental Emergencies Centre features interview with PAX


from the Environmental Emergencies Centre

On the occasion of the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, we are highlighting the work done by PAX in this area.

PAX is leading a group of NGOs and experts from around the world, calling for greater protection of the environment during armed conflict. Join the call now by sending an email to

“We started our Conflict & Environment work in 2014, with a focus on Iraq only, and later extended to Syria, the Ukraine and some small projects on South Sudan and Libya, hence we’re fairly new to this. During the last Green Star Awards Ceremony in Oslo, 2015, it was great to see so many practitioners coming together, but we never hoped to win this award so we do feel really honored.”

How do you believe winning a Green Star Award will impact upon the work of your organization?

The Green Star Award is a major recognition for the work we do on addressing concerns over the environmental impacts of conflict and how civilian protection should be improved. It will help make the promotion of the conflict – environment nexus easier, both among our partners and funders, as well as the wider audience, in order to ensure more resources and policy development is dedicated to improve humanitarian response to conflict pollution. Having organizations such as UN Environment and OCHA acknowledge that collecting and analyzing data, as well as responding to conflict pollution is critical, will hopefully resonate with relevant other international organizations and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Environment. We hope this will open more doors and support engaging with policy makers to improve the international response to the threats posed by the toxic remnants of war...

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