National Commission for Justice and Peace: 48th report on violence

The National Commission for Justice and Peace has the honour to present its 48th report on violence in the metropolitan area in Port-au-Prince. This report covers the period of months from July to September 2013. In this quarter, there has been some reduction in armed violence in the metropolitan area, but the political tension that is currently installed is about to explode in violence, especially in some neighborhoods. There has also been a rise in traffic accidents; this highlights the need to properly raise the issue of traffic flow in all its dimensions. The Commission believes that the greatest challenge to stop the violence and to establish peace is to develop morality in political actions. This is where doubts arise because no disarmament has taken place; on the contrary, weapons circulate more freely in some neighborhoods. This proves that the practice of authorities and politicians have not changed: they want to control the land with unlawful force, and violence can occur at any time depending on the needs of the political situation. Read the full report here (in French).