Myanmar: Columban General Council urges an end to persecution of Myanmar/Burma’s Muslim population


The following is a statement on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar/Burma, published by member organisation, Missionary Society of St. Columban's General Council.

As the persecution of the Muslim minority in Rakhine State in Myanmar/Burma reaches a feverish pitch and forces thousands to flee to neighboring Bangladesh, Columban Superior General, Fr. Kevin O’Neill, sends a message of solidarity saying, “We reject persecution of any community regardless of religion, race, or ethnic identity.  We urge an end to the violence and violation of human rights of the Rohingya people and hope for their peaceful return to their homes in the Rakhine State of Myanmar/Burma.” 

Columban missionaries urge the government of Myanmar/Burma to immediately allow international humanitarian assistance to reach people in need and to seek long term peace and protection for the Muslim minorities of the Rakhine State and ethnic minorities throughout the country.  We support the Caritas Internationalis campaign for refugees and migrants, “Share the Journey” which launches September 27, 2017, and hope that it will contribute to a global response of support for the Muslim minorities forced to flee Myanmar/Burma due to violence and persecution...

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