Latin America: Pax Christi International asks European Parliament members to support new report on indigenous people’s rights


27/6/18 - On the 3rd of July, the European Parliament will vote during its plenary session in Strasbourg on the report, “Violation of the rights of indigenous peoples in the world, including land grabbing”, drafted by rapporteur Mr. Francisco Assis.

The report provides a strong overview of the human rights violations that indigenous people around the world experience, and it articulates the legislation and policies which protect their rights. It also includes important calls to action directed to the European Parliament, other EU institutions, as well as EU member states.

Pax Christi International is joined by Platform Europe-Peru (PEP) the EU-LAT network, and the German Network for Human Rights in Mexico in welcoming this initiative. Pax Christi International and the other organisations are witnessing first-hand these human rights concerns in their work with Latin American indigenous communities.

A letter is being sent to members of the European Parliament asking them to support this report and for their help with the follow-up of the calls to action. In particular, the following two unprecedented calls are highlighted in the letter:

  • The appointment of a European Parliament rapporteur on indigenous people to monitor the human rights situation and specifically the application of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and ILO Convention No. 169. 
  • The creation of an EU grievance mechanism through which indigenous and local communities can lodge complaints regarding violations of their rights resulting from EU-based business activities.

The organisations also ask that specific attention be paid to the devastating impact of extractivism on indigenous people and their territories, as recently denounced in a letter by CELAM, the Latin American Catholic Bishops Conference, as well as in a statement by Latin American community leaders during a Pax Christi International meeting in Chiapas, Mexico last month.




Advocacy Priority: Extractives in Latin America



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