Journal referring to pope Francis’ World Day of Peace Message published by our member in Thailand


Our member organization writes the following:

The news of global violence has happened many times recently. It is very shocking to see the news. There is a civil war in Syria, where children are poisoned by chemical weapons blast. Suffered a number of injuries and deaths. The terrorists used trucks to hit people in front of a mall in Stockholm, Sweden, killing three people and injuring many others. Terrorists ran over civilians in the middle of the city, this happened in France, the United States and Germany in the past year. And in England and Belgium in March this year.

There is a situation of unrest, conflict and violence in many countries around the world. It seems to be motivated to escalate. Regardless of the lives of many innocent people who are unavoidably affected inevitably. Many families have lost loved ones forever. How many other families have to leave their homeland? Forced to be a war refugee in the lands of others, even though they don’t want the a war...

Every year on the occasion of the International Peace Day, the pope sends a message as the supreme head of the Catholic Church. From past to present every pope gave the message of the universal peace for Christians to ponder "peace" and bring it into a "peaceful way" for themselves and others. For this year, pope Francis delivered the 50th International Day of Peace message, talking about on “Nonviolence, a style of politics for peace”.

Pope Francis recognizes the problem. The "broken world" of the violence that takes place around the world. Wars in different countries Terrorism, crime, armed attacks of unpredictable forces. Including violations of migrant workers’ rights and victims of human trafficking. As well as destroying the environment. He cares about these issues. And asked the question: Violence leads to goals. Or just lead to counteract revenge. And a few "Warlords" benefit?

His answer: "Violence is not a cure for a broken world." Including all religions, together reflect on the "peaceful way", he exemplified the words of Saint Teresa. "Our family does not need to use bombs and guns to destroy them. To make peace, we just come together. We love each other so much that we can overcome all the evils that exist in the world. "

And he has given us the "love, compassion, and peace" as a way for each of us to treat one another. Just work on their responsibilities. Show mercy without abandoning people. No damage to the environment. Politically, peace is based on the family. Because the family is a crucible. Parents and children have learned love, compassion, and forgiveness to each other. Peace must be started in each of our homes.

Let us lead peace into a way of life which is uncompromising. ... in our daily life. In a normal situation or in every relationship that we have with each other. Let peace be the basis for our decision and to all forms of politics. Doing  so, we have served as one of the world's "peacekeepers"!


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