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Part of our strategy for increasing the capacity of our member organisations and promoting the centrality of nonviolence as a value and tactic for resolving conflict and creating social change is to expand our ability to reach many more people, especially youth and young adults, through our social media platforms. Social media provides us a higher degree of accessibility and a direct relationship with our members, partners, friends and supporters than we could ever reach through traditional means. It is an especially fruitful line of communication with young people, to whom we made a specific promise in the Bethlehem Commitment which came out of our world assembly in Palestine in 2015:

"In the coming five years we will engage more young people, including those from diverse backgrounds, cultures and faiths, as valuable and equal members of our movement. We will present alternatives to extremism, share our rich spirituality with young people in a secularised world; encourage concrete campaigns and immersion experiences; promote intergenerational conversation and cooperation; and encourage leadership development for youth in Pax Christi..."

In order to expand our outreach through social media, we need your help. Here are four things you can do right now to help us reach new audiences and spread the word about our work and the importance of nonviolence:

1. Whatever social media platforms you currently use, "like", "follow" and otherwise support us right now. 

2. After you've liked us, followed us and subscribed, make sure to "share" posts and tweets and videos that you like. Just hit the ever-present "share" button! Or leave a comment and join in the discussion. Or retweet something you find interesting. Or "like" and "love" pieces that speak your truth! Social media is all about interaction and engagement!

3. Visit the Peace Stories blog and click on the "subscribe" button to follow us, receiving updates whenever a new post is published. Several years ago, we started the Peace Stories blog through WordPress and we recently redesigned it and are posting articles, reflections, stories and other pieces of interest 4-5 times a week there from people throughout our movement. 

4. If you're on Facebook, invite your Facebook friends to "like" us. It's easy to do! Go to our Facebook page here and on the banner across the top of the page, click on the "..." link next to the "Like", "Follow" and "Share" buttons for a drop-down menu that includes "Invite Friends". Click on the "Invite Friends" link and then invite the friends you think would be interested in our page.

Thanks so much for helping us to grow our social media footprint and reach new audiences!


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