Italy: Pax Christi Italy members meet with Pope who tells them to continue on the path of nuclear disarmament


from Vatican News

15/1/19 - The Pope received the leadership team of Pax Christi Italy at the Vatican in a private audience on 12 January. At the center of the dialogue was peace education and the ban on nuclear weapons.

The history and commitment of Pax Christi in the service of peace, education for peace in schools, in prisons, especially minors, and then the theme of disarmament, concern for Italy's reluctance to sign the agreement on mass the ban on nuclear weapons, the various war contexts from Syria to Palestine and the sufferings suffered by children: it was an open and frank dialogue that the leaders of Pax Christi Italy had with the Pope who received them in a private audience in the Vatican. The president of the movement, Msgr. Giovanni Ricchiuti, spoke of the full harmony Pax Christi has with the words and gestures of the Pope.

Peace education

"We underlined how the role of the Church is a priority in inviting disarmament, in every sense and in all dimensions," - said Msgr. Ricchiuti to our microphones (listen to the interview with Msgr Giovanni Ricchiuti). "The Pope then dialogued with us, making resonance and intervening on the various problems that we submitted to him. We loved it when he congratulated us on this path to peace education, because he said that today this education must begin with children, who are often recipients of violence and violent messages." ...

The possession of nuclear weapons is "immoral"

"And when I touched on the fact of nuclear weapons, he said and remembered the speech he gave to the Ambassadors a few days ago. The Pope said, 'I used a very heavy word in the speech, that the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.' And he confirmed that he put this word in as his own." ...

Insist on mediation

Pope Francis encouraged Pax Christi to insist on the themes of peace education, to continue on the path of teaching and witnessing peace, defining it as very important alongside all the initiatives, press releases, and positions taken on the issue. Regarding the good policy and responsibility of rulers and citizens to make peace in a climate of mutual trust, the Pope, continued Msgr. Ricchiuti, "urged us to the art of mediation. The Pope told us that we must learn a lot too, even in the Church, as we speak. And we must teach the art of mediation: conflicts are overcome only through mediation routes." ...

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