Italy: Pax Christi Italiy publishes statement to abolish nuclear weapons, signed by the President of Italian Caritas




“I plead for disarmament and for the prohibition and abolition of nuclear weapons: nuclear deterrence and the threat of mutual assured destruction are incapable of grounding such an ethics”.

We support this call of Pope Francis, contained in the Message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace, 1 January 2017.

It is of paramount importance a serious and thorough commitment so that the ban of nuclear weapons becomes reality and binding for each State. Nuclear risk that the entire humanity is currently facing is highest.

Nuclear weapons cause irreversible damages, they have catastrophic humanitarian consequences for environment and for the whole of humanity and their use, under any circumstances, is unjustifiable. A way with no return.

Second Vatican Council has already been very clear, in Gaudium et Spes (n. 80): “Any act of war aimed indiscriminately at the destruction of entire cities of extensive areas along with their population is a crime against God and man himself. It merits unequivocal and unhesitating condemnation”.


Pax Christi International has written in this regard: “We consider it a milestone that nuclear weapons be explicitly banned by an international treaty and see the treaty as an exercise in the moral values and global responsibilities required to build a more secure and sustainable world. Moreover, a nuclear weapon ban treaty should not be seen as a revolutionary step, but rather as the logical next step leading towards the near-universal goal of a world without nuclear weapons. It would also strengthen the Non-Proliferation Treaty by reinforcing the existing obligation to achieve nuclear disarmament. We call upon all Governments to uphold their responsibilities and attend the nuclear weapons ban treaty negotiations in March and June/July 2017”.


Thus, we call upon Italy to also participate in an active and constructive manner in the meetings of the UNGA, starting from the upcoming 27 March.

We invite all groups, associations, single individuals, movements, parishes, institutions, etc. to become aware of the serious situation that the world is living today and to put pressure on our Government so that it directly and actively commits itself to nuclear disarmament.


Rome, 8 March 2017

Card. Francesco Montenegro                                                  Mons. Giovanni Ricchiuti                                                                    

Bishop of Agrigento,                                                              Bishop of AltamuraGravinaAcquaviva delle Fonti,

President Caritas Italy                                                            President Pax Christi Italy


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