Italy: The "Demilitarised Schools" campaign expresses its solidarity with Antonio Mazzeo


from Pax Christi Italy

9/7/18 - With regard to the Pax Christi campaign on "Demilitarized Schools", we must highlight that numerous voices besides that of Pax Christi have been raised to express solidarity with Antonio Mazzeo, the Messina teacher subjected to disciplinary proceedings in the institute where he teaches for disputing military propaganda in his school.

Mazzeo, a journalist and pacifist, has for many decades been engaged in the defence of peace and in promoting the nonviolent solution of all conflicts.

On 17 April 2018, the Messina Institute "Cannizzaro-Galatti" hosted a delegation of the Aosta Brigade with its band, which had performed at school. In the days prior, Prof. Mazzeo had sent a letter to the head teacher in which he emphasised that the initiative was in contradiction with the educational values ​​of the institution and that it had not been resolved by the collegiate bodies, thus expressing jis dissent on the development of this event.

In the following days, Prof. Mazzeo expressed publicly the same reflections. On 15 May the head teacher initiated a disciplinary measure against him for having damaged the image of the school, discredited the manager and denigrated the institution...

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