Israel-Palestine: Bishops with the Holy Land Coordination issue statement encouraging nonviolent resistance to occupation


This past week, Pax Christi International was represented by Co-President Marie Dennis at the 2017 Holy Land Coordination taking place in Palestine and Israel. Along with the bishops of the 2017 Holy Land Coordination, Dennis visited Gaza and the West Bank. The aim of the annual pilgrimage of the Holy Land Coordination is to show solidarity with and to support, especially Christian, communities in the area. 

Following the pilgrimage, the bishops of the 2017 Holy Land Coordination have released a final communiqué calling for prayer, awareness and action after 50 years of occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Bishops from the U.S., Canada and Europe stated that Christians have a responsibility to oppose the construction of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.

“This de facto annexation of land not only undermines the rights of Palestinians in areas such as Hebron and East Jerusalem but, as the U.N. recently recognized, also imperils the chance of peace. ... So many people in the Holy Land have spent their entire lives under occupation, with its polarizing social segregation, yet still profess hope and strive for reconciliation. Now, more than ever, they deserve our solidarity.” 
The statement also included a call for Christians to encourage nonviolent resistance to the egregious injustices of life under occupation.
"We all have a responsibility to encourage nonviolent resistance which, as Pope Francis reminds us, has achieved great changes across the world. This is particularly necessary in the face of injustices such as the continued construction of the separation wall on Palestinian land including the Cremisan Valley."


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